Our Services

We cover three main areas:

 High Street Recruitment– With years of experience, our dedicated recruiters are here to help. Their focus is to match the right candidate to the right employer. Give us a call and take advantage of our competitive rates and highly qualified recruitment consultants. Any sector, Anywhere, we work fast and were good.

Welfare to Work Job Brokerage – As part of our CSR (corporate social agenda) we have a team built to assist Government funded organisations with Employability and entry level Training opportunities. Our ability to use our employment arm makes us second to none in assisting organisations move their hard to place clients into sustainable jobs

Client Training – Our team of trainers are experts in their fields and this knowledge and experience is used to assist individual’s and company’s build and/or strengthen areas that need development. Our track record speaks for itself and our clients always benefit from our discreet and tactful analysis to expose the areas you could improve to achieve full potential.

Blueprint delivers Individual/Team development in the following areas:

* Sales and Marketing

* Team Development

* Helping your team consistently Achieve Targets

* Management

* Internal Recruitment

* Change

* Entrepreneurship

* Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety

* First Aid

* Building the right working environment

* Restructure and Changes

* Redundancies (Pre/Post)

* Company ethic and Staff mentality

* Helping your team consistently Achieve Targets

They can be bought together as a part of a company staff induction training programme for new employees or delivered to current members of your team as a part of their continued professional development (CPD) as subject up dates or to re-qualify.

These qualifications are also flexible in content, and may be delivered in depth or as a short course over a few days.

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