Nursery Assistant NVQ L3 wanted – Pan London

As a nursery worker you would:

    • plan and supervise activities like arts and crafts, music and cooking
    • help children to learn numeracy skills through activities like counting games
    • read stories and provide activities to develop the children’s language skills
    • take children on outings

  • feed and change babies
  • observe children and make notes for use in reports
  • work to early year’s foundation stage standards on child learning
  • make sure the children are safe and well at all times (safeguarding)
  • report any concerns to your manager, such as signs of abuse

Your duties may include acting as a key worker for one or more children, monitoring their progress and sharing information about their development with their parents and/or carers.

Experience is essential but natural for any candidate with a level 3

The right candidate will be interviewed immediately so please ensure all referrals are available to start

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